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Formation Thermographie Certification ITC Niveau 1

Dates: 5 may -9 may 2014

Language: french

Title: ITC Level 1 Thermography Certification Training

ITC instructors are ASN, EPRI, EN, ISO and BINDT standards specialists. With their expertise, you will become an effective and competent user in all areas of thermography’s applications.

Profile of trainees: Operators of infrared thermography in predictive maintenance, control, inspection and scientific applications.

• Learn the fundamental principles of infrared thermography.
• Understand the phenomena of heat transfer in order to control measurement situations.
• Being able to analyze the measurement’s data and integrate them into a report.

Agreement: Official ITC Level I certificate

Duration: 5 days from 8 :30 to 17 :00.
Price: 2000 EUR per trainee.
Lieu: Institut de Formation Sectoriel du Bâtiment (IFSB) 5, Zone d’Activités Economiques Krakelshaff, L-3290 BETTEMBOURG

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