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Fluke Networks Wireless LAN and Troubleshooting Course

1. Wireless Technology
Overall Architectures
- Ad-hoc
- Infrastructure
- Bridge
- The Hiden Node Problem
IEEE 802.11b
IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11n
- Physical Details
IEEE 802.11a
Wireless Survey

2. Wireless Security
The WEP challenge
WEP/WPA overview
IEEE 802.1i and IEEE 802.1X

3. Wireless Design and Deployment
The wiring challenge
The capacity challenge
Design for coverage
Design for capacity
- Channels
The layer 2 challenge
Site survey

4. Wireless Troubleshooting
The state machine challenge
The equipment challenge
The bandwith hog challenge
The CSMA/CA challenge
Wireless tools

Wireless (PDF)

Cours disponible en fran├žais (support de cours en anglais uniquement)
Maximum de 12 participants

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