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FLUKE networks - Visual Performance Center - WORKSHOP 24.04.2008, 9.00 - 12.00h

FREE workshop realized by Edmond Alexandre, Flukenetworks Belgium/Luxembourg S.A.

Language of the workshop: french
Date: 24.04.2008
Duration: from 9h00 to 12h00.
Price: free of charge
Participants: max. 30 persons
Where: Ramirez Data, Zare Ouest at L-4384 Ehlerange

Fluke Visual Performance Manager:

- End-to-End Application Performance Management – a unique ability to manage critical business applications for availability and response time
- Deep views into performance - quickly isolate the fault to the applications, systems or the network.
- Network Monitoring and Performance Management - a common set of service quality metrics for both internal users and external service providers.
- VoIP Performance Management - assess VoIP readiness and optimize performance by providing detailed VoIP analysis and data application management across your converged infrastructure.
- Monitor individual VoIP calls - pinpoint possible performance degradation anywhere in the network.
- Manage Change - efficiently oversee and manage assurance of critical business services during change.
- Get in-depth views into the impact of any changes – get quantifiable results of any application or infrastructure change.

1. Super Agent - Application performance Analyzer.

At a Glance:
- Provide Engineering, Operations, and Management the key diagnostics and performance metrics needed to understand how well the network infrastructure is delivering applications to users
- Continually track application performance and availability over time using Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports
- Quickly isolate application response time problems
- Identify delay as a component of the network, server or application
- Test and measure the impact of infrastructure changes - such as upgrading a link, consolidating servers, migrating to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), load balancing or rolling out a new version of code - on end-user response time
- Solve problems quickly by automatically launching investigations into performance issues as they occur
- Provide a common tool for network, application and server staff

2. Netflow Tracker

At a Glance:
- All the network, all the records, all the fields - all the time
- NetFlow built-in to most Cisco routers and managed switches and easily enabled
- All data conversations captured with per-minute resolution
- Data storage and archiving up to 999 years
- Delivers unmatched network forensics, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities
- Multicast Support
- Detailed network traffic visibility without probes or appliances
- Traffic identification by deep packet inspection
- Critical tool for today’s VOIP/IP Telephony and MPLS deployments

3. NetVoyant

At a Glance:
- View the status and utilization of all network and data center components in real time
- Receive immediate notification of device problems through email, numeric pages, SNMP traps or via the user interface
- Graphically compare current device utilization agaisnt baselines
- Identify trends over various time periods

4. NetWhere

At a Glance:
- Database of devices and interfaces stores the inventory of network elements Powerful search feature provides a fast and efficient way to access the required information
- Interface status shown for each managed device
- Interface shutdown feature allows the operator remotely to shut down or re-start network interfaces
- Switch connectivity feature shows what ports are in use on the network’s switches and what is using them, when and for how long.
- Switch Forensics shows the history of every hostname, IP address, MAC address and Switch Port so that address assignments and connectivity over your network over periods of time can be tracked, highlighting newcomers to the network and unused switch ports. This is useful for capacity planning, auditing and security tracking.
- Cisco IOS config download feature – downloads and stores versions of configuration from Cisco devices. Any previous version of a device’s config will be available on demand.
- Full user authentication and access control allows the administrator to permit or deny access to any devices and/or functionality within the product.

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