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Burster 4501 Decade Pt100 Simulator – 785 EUR, excl. VAT

Burster Decade Pt100 Simulator – 785 EUR, excl. VAT
Wherever temperatures are measured, temperatures must also be simulated. The Pt simulator is suitable for a wide area of applications. It has a wide range of simulation, which is divided in 0.1 °C steps and makes many assignments in chemistry-, measuring-, controlling-, medicine and household applications, food industry, vehicle construction, air- and space travel and power plants easy to solve.

Technical Data
- Simulation range -100 °C ... +500 °C
- Resolution 0.1 K
- Calibration in accordance to DIN EN 60751
- Simulation of line resistance 10 Ω, 20 Ω or 30 Ω
- Sturdy aluminium-housing

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Offer valid until the 30/09/2014.