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Wiha Single-pole voltage tester + Bit Holder with 6 SlimBits – 59,95 EUR, excl. VAT

Voltage Tester:
Display: Bright red LED.
Handle: plastic case with removable cap. Practical clip.
Sensor: Protected under a white tip, the sensor detects AC voltage without contact in an area of 4 mm.
Measurement category: CAT III 1000 V AC.
Standards: IEC 61010-1
Application: For detection of AC voltages in low voltage range 230-1000 VAC.
Extra: 2 AAA batteries (LR03) are inserted in the voltage tester.

Bit Holder :
Compact magazine screwdriver for electrical applications, especially for mobile use. Magaziner and slimBits individually VDE-GS approved.
Handle: Soft Finish electric multi-component handle with roll-off, internal magazine with 6 slimBits, with rotating cap and fanned provision of bits for easy removal.
Blade: Chrome-vanadium steel, through-hardened, with insulation protection squirted directly on the blade.
Bit holder: ClicFix insulated bit holder made of metal (only suitable for 6 mm slimBits).

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Offer valid until the 30/09/2014.