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Led Lenser SEO 7R rechargeable LED headlamp – 99,99 EUR, excl. VAT

The LED LENSER® SEO® 7R is ideal fort he environmentally conscious user. The top model is rechargeable and offers more light performance than the other models of the series. An innovative dimming function regulates the output of the light power with regards to the reflecting light, therefore the blare effect can be avoided. The LED LENSER® SEO® 7R combines the best functions of the series in a modern design.

- LED: 1x High End Power LED (Weiß) / 1x High End LED (Rot)
- Weight: 93 g
- Luminous flux: 220 lm / 20 lm
- Beam distance: 130 m / 40 m
- Burning life : 5 h / 20 h
- Batteries: Li-Ion Pack
- Energy reservoir: 3,2 Wh
- Protection class: IPX6

Order your Led Lenser SEO7R now.

Offer valid from the 1st of april to the 30th of june 2014.